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Since its establishment in 2010, Beijing central Viking jewellery and jade identification Co., Ltd. has been strengthened continuously. Now it has become a national jewelry testing institution, with more than 70 employees, and the laboratory is distributed in Beijing, Guangzhou, blue port, Nanyang, Shi Buddha Temple, Shenzhen and other places, and work in scientific, rigorous, just and open original work. We are determined to provide a reliable third party accreditation body with integrity for the whole society.

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It is fair, scientific, accurate, satisfactory and improved.


the staff of this station ensure that the behavior is fair, objective and realistic, not under any pressure and influence from any aspect, to ensure the authenticity, representativeness, objectivity and impartiality of the test data.


scientific organization and leadership, choose advanced and scientific testing methods and sampling techniques to ensure that detection methods and means are advanced and scientific.


the testing activities must meet the requirements of technical specifications and methods, and carry out quality control and quality supervision of all links in the whole process of testing, so as to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the test data.


establish a sense of service, meet customer needs, deal with customer complaints in a timely manner, send test reports on time, and exchange customers' trust with quality service.


the staff should continue to learn the knowledge and technology of the related fields, review and evaluate their work regularly or regularly to improve the quality of work and ensure the continuous and effective operation of the management system.

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